21 October 2018 

Bamboo Wave 

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Bamboo Wave - Sofware Services

Firstly we don’t run large software projects, we leave that up to you.  Our approach is we allow your company, to do what its good at:  specifying, designing and building high level software architecture.  Your team can spend more time prototyping and discovering exactly what your customer needs before committing to building the software.

Once you have done this you are in the position to outsource development of small components to Bamboo Wave. Small components allows your company and Bamboo Wave to measure exactly what is required and what is delivered.

Too many software projects fail as people don’t really know exactly what they want to build, or try to build too much before integrating.


We specialise in Microsoft.NET development with Microsoft products. Our developers are mostly Microsoft certified.

Sitecore CMS

We are one of the few companies in the United Kingdom to provide development services using the Danish Content Management System Sitecore, written using Microsoft .NET

We have a number of Sitecore certified developers.